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Specializing in self-insured plans, large and mid-size Employer groups

Winwood Associates Ltd. has been providing employee benefits to businesses in the New York Metro Area since 2001. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, benefit plan design and compliance has become far more complicated. We help our clients with the expertise, support, direction, and superior level of service you need to succeed, today and in the future.

Here is our promise to you:

  1. We will guide and support you through the ACA challenges you face today.
  2. We will follow through on the promise of optimal service. This is what we are known for and this is what we pride ourselves on.
  3. We will simplify the compliance process and unravel the confusion.

Here are some of the group insurance products we work with to create benefit designs that best fit your company's needs:

We work with mid-size and large employer groups. Our average client employs more than 50 employees. We have the ability to work with all insurance carriers and create programs that best fit your industry, needs, and bottom line.

Dental insurance is a popular employee benefit plan and simple to add to your current employee benefit menu. This benefit can be employer paid, employee paid (pre-tax), or a combination of both.

Vision insurance offers coverage for vision exams, contacts, and glasses. It is a low cost program that can be employer paid, employee paid, or a combination of both.

Life insurance can be offered as an executive benefit for executive and key employee protection, as a critical part of an estate plan, to your employees and families as a group benefit, or as an individual program. We provide innovative solutions for all of your company's financial needs.

Medicare is for people who have either attained the age 65 or for people under the age of 65 that have certain medical issues. There is an abundance of information about Medicare and it can become overwhelming. Let us explain all of your options and find the plan that best fits your individual needs and budget.

Medicaid is medical insurance for people with limited incomes. Many Medicaid eligible employees are either not aware this benefit is available to them at no cost or they don't know how to enroll. Benestream will identity these employees and enroll them. Employees enrolled on a Medicaid plan will count toward the group's medical insurance participation requirement, a great value to the Employer.

These plans are called Supplemental which mean they will pay above any other income the beneficiary is receiving from other sources. Usually the benefit is a flat amount paid for certain occurrences.

  • State Short Term Disability (mandatory): This benefit pays $170 per week in New York State (benefit varies by state). The employer has the option to insure with the most competitive insurance carrier.
  • Short Term Disability (not mandatory): This program usually pays an income up to the first 6 months of a disability. The benefit can be tax free to the beneficiary in certain instances.
  • Long Term Disability (not mandatory): This program usually pays an income from 6 months to the age of 65, depending on the plan. The benefit can be tax free to the beneficiary in certain instances.

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